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SFR are also able to offer an outdoor cleaning service whether it be stone patio cleaning or cleaning, restoring and preserving ageing, decayed or heavily weathered stone/brick facades.


We utilise DOFF – a steam-based stone cleaning system which uses super-heated (up to 150°C), low pressure water.  The temperature and pressure can be adjusted depending on the material and cleaning result required.

Domestic Patio Cleaning Before
Domestic Patio Cleaning After
Patio Cleaning Before
Patio Cleaning After

Black Limestone Paving














Black limestone paving has become very popular over the last 10 years. It is often used in gardens, drives and commercial areas.

Yet, that deep black look soon disappears, due to the suns UV rays, which turns it into a patchy grey look.


At Stone Floor Refurbishment we have been asked many times by our clients if we have a solution.


We have tried over the years many sealers but all seem to fail within months of applying. This then causes another issue.  We have to chemical strip these sealers to start the process again. In some cases, we have had some of the wet look sealer flake away leaving an mess.

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With this problem in mind, we turned to a chemical company that we have used for many solutions in our trade, to see if they could provide a solution. 


It has taken some time to develop, but now we are able to offer a longer-lasting sealer that gives the natural deep black look back, whilst protecting the limestone from rain and UV light.


This product is not available for DIY use. But, Stone Floor Refurbishment can offer a specialised application by our team.


We now offer a full refurbishment to your paving, removing old sealers and applying our new BLR sealer.


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