Achieve the grandeur of a new fit-out, at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time, by restoring your existing stone floors, walls, staircases and work surfaces.

Enhance the appearance and safety of your existing floors by replacing damaged sections, maintaining grout and expansion joints, removing excess floor polishes and treatments whilst maintaining a like-new appearance and ensuring necessary levels of slip resistance are met.

Your business space is the first impression potential clients will get of your operation and the reception area serves as a visual foundation on which valuable first impressions can often be established.

Outside Cleaning

SFR takes pride in returning the original lustre and confident impression that captivates clients as they enter your building.

Commercial Stone Floor Cleaning, Reparing and Refurbishment

Maximising the visual impact of your business environment requires in-depth knowledge of hard surface materials, precision work, specialist equipment training, knowledge of and a passion for our final product – the complete transformation. 


Our operatives are trained in attention to the finest levels of detail, perfecting each square metre of floor, wall, staircase or work surface as each is essential to the client business.

Clifford Chance Canary Wharf – Reception Area Floor Grinding and Polishing, 2017.



Our goal is simple:

Give you a surface that is long lasting, worthy of admiration, meeting or surpassing its original quality - whilst complying with modern slip-test requirements - to enhance the status of your business.

We operate quickly, conveniently and effectively, causing minimal (if any) disruption to your business operations. The presence of our team will be most noted long after we’ve gone – leaving behind a completely revived stone floor that is stunning in appearance.

High Quality Commercial Stone Floor Clearning and Restoration
Commercial Stone Floor Cleaning And Repairs

Packages are customised to each client, offering a bespoke service that addresses your specific needs and budget.


We offer free of charge, no obligation samples throughout Central London and the South East.

Morgan Stanley Canteen floor following cleaning and repairs 2015

The team at Stone Floor Refurbishment has many years’ experience in all aspects of the Stone industry from fabrication and installation to restoration and repair.


Stone is what we love to work with most as this is where our skills at transforming the

appearance and viability of surfaces is demonstrated to its most dramatic effect. 


That said, we also work extensively with Porcelain, Ceramic, Quartz, Terracotta and Terrazzo in equal measure.


Marble Top Repairs Before
Marble Top Repairs After

Nero Marquina Vanity top before and after cleaning and repair.

Whether your focus is to improve the safety and usability of your commercial space or enhance the splendour of its appearance, SFR is ready to consult with your facilities team to build an appropriate strategy for your business and the physical surroundings in which you operate.


The core services we provide are:

  • Hard surface condition and care reporting and recommendations

  • Risk assessments and method statements

  • Commercial floor & wall cleaning and repair

  • Natural stone re-facing

  • Refurbishment of work tops, vanity tops and reception desk surfaces

  • Planned maintenance packages

  • Anti-slip testing

  • Resealing existing hard surfaces​


Recommendations will be provided as to the best course of action for any given situation and we can make fast and accurate assessments from the moment we view your space, leveraging our expertise to present realistic and affordable options to you.



Together, we’ll transform your commercial floor into a safe and productive showpiece.


In most cases where hard surface materials such as marble are used in

commercial fit-outs this will be reception and client areas of offices, showroom and shop floors, toilets and guest areas of hotels and restaurants.


These areas will be regularly cleaned by the facilities team, however, every once in a while, these will benefit hugely from planned maintenance. This process generally involves removing post installation treatments and sealants before re-polishing and sealing but there is a great deal more we can do besides.

Stone Floor Repairs Before
Stone Floor Repairs After

Crème Marble before and after Re-Facing and Re-Grouting

Our specialist team will assess the surface taking particular note of the materials and location, any post installation treatments identifiable and consider any improvements available. We will then produce an estimate containing our suggested approach to refurbishment, any repairs necessary and associated costs.


This estimate can be followed up by the working of sample areas on site before a method statement is drafted. 


Works required may encompass:

  • A chemical clean to remove previously applied sealants

  • The removal of build-ups of surface applied cleaning products.

  • Stain and scratch removal

  • Crack repairs

  • Raking out and replacing grout joints

  • Grout sealant application

  • Polishing or colour enhancement of the bare floor

  • Replacing tiles or individual repairs

  • Sealing the refurbished floor on completion of works.

  • Provision of operation and maintenance manuals

  • Anti-slip testing 

Generally speaking a thorough clean is all that is needed but if damage is uncovered following cleaning this can be attended to and on completion of all works the whole area sealed with a proprietary sealant and an O&M manual produced with a recommended cleaning regime.

Marble Counrter Repair and Restoration

The Dandelyan Bar, Mondrian Hotel, Sea Containers House

Terrazo Tile Cleaning

Cleaning to Terrazo Tiles in process

Building managers who understand the enormous reusability of these surfaces are able to save significant sums of money maintaining these striking, hardwearing, practical surfaces by adopting a policy of regular maintenance. 



Should the floor be affected by wear and tear as opposed to simply needing a specialist clean we are able to provide a dedicated grinding and refacing service.


For a regular appraisal and to ensure floors are maintained to a safe operational level why not consider a regular Maintenance Contract?

Stone Floor Maintenance Project For KPMG

Planned Maintenance for KPMG, Canada Square


Commercial hard floors, as well as being beautiful and making a statement about your business, are resilient and ideally suited to persistent heavy traffic over extended periods of time. These floor coverings are thicker than meets the eye and thus, where damage or excessive wear occurs, can usually be repaired. Chips, cracks, surface wear and even large holes can occur during the ageing cycle of a stone floor.


At SFR we address these defects on a case-by-case basis to determine the most suitable strategy often submitting samples against budgets to offer a range of services and solutions. In all but a very few situations, repairing the floor is far less intrusive and costly than replacement and we aim to assist the commercial building or facilities manager in achieving both immaculate safe floors and meeting budgets and programs.

Repairs can be carried out in a number of different ways be it piecing in of new sections, replacing individual tiles or slabs, resin repairs or 'plastic repairs' using blends of stone dust and lime or resin to achieve an accurate match to the existing surface. Where extensive programs or areas of repair are envisaged we are always receptive to carrying out repairs to sample areas or can send images of sample repairs where small projects are concerned.


Maintaining hard surfaces in a good state of repair makes sound sense from a health and safety perspective in so far as slips, trips and falls can be minimised if repairs are carried out in a timely fashion particularly if floors are regularly Slip Tested.


We can quickly and conveniently repair:

  • Granite

  • Marble

  • Limestone

  • Slate

  • Yorkstone / Sandstone

  • Travertine

  • Terrazzo

  • Terracotta

  • Ceramic and Porcelain surfaces


Repairing your floor can be an effective preventative measure, slowing down any additional wear and tear - when the surface is compromised it will age faster. Maintaining floors and hard surfaces in a good state of repair can add many years to the life of that surface and save the facilities manager considerable sums of money in repairs and lease end dilapidation claims.

Stone Refacing

Ageing is a natural process and occurs with natural stone floors in the same way a rock weathers on a mountain. The ageing process leads to the opening of natural imperfections in the stone, soft spots, disintegration of areas and abrasive wearing.

In the past this had led to the perceived view that a floor is no longer viable and must therefore be replaced often at great expense and even greater inconvenience.


At SFR we have the necessary equipment and know-how to grind a solid stone floor back to a flat, viable surface, carry out resin of mortar based repairs then bring the stone back to the originally intended bright finish through honing or polishing and finally seal the floor to protect it from accidental spillage or atmospheric discolouration.

Stone Refacing
Stone Refacing Projects

Our team use specially designed multi-grit diamond and carborundum grinding and polishing systems, induction and extraction equipment to achieve uniform surface refacing.

This results in the restored floor being flat and free of blemishes on completion of our works such that it will look and be, to all intents and purposes, the same as the originally installed stone floor, just a millimetre or so thinner.

Green Marble Top Repair
Green Marble Top Restoration

Refurbishment of Green Marble vanity tops Bank of America, Canary Wharf

This is the economical and intelligent choice of refurbishment as your surfaces will inevitably become worn and damaged. Even the floors experiencing the lightest of traffic will accumulate dirt and moisture over time, gradually losing their lustre and visual attraction.

Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to approach your hard surfaces with a long-term mindset. They are investments, designed to withstand years of variable conditions and if tended to correctly, you can return them to a like-new condition, again and again.

The result is a smooth and highly reflective surface, free from imperfections which paves the way for successful mechanical and chemical polishing and buffing by the regular cleaning team yielding a captivating shine.

Slip Resistance Testing

Gain valuable insights into the safety conditions of your commercial space by having Stone Floor Refurbishment conduct anti-slip monitoring of your solid surface floors. This is crucial if you wish to maintain a safe, H&S compliant works area and is now common place in specifications for new floors and refurbishment of existing buildings.

Serious accidents and injuries can create unexpected burdens in many ways. You need accurate, affordable measurements that can provide actionable data. The time and money saved with this preventative measure each year is testament to the importance of identifying problem areas early.

Slip Resistance Testing Services

If you’ve recently installed a new floor or refurbished an old one, you should conduct a slip test to evaluate the surface. At SFR we have our own Portable Skid Resistance testing equipment as well as skilled operators to carry out the testing. Once tests are completed we can assess the results and make recommendations to ensure any necessary works or treatments are carried out to ensure ongoing compliance with The British Standard.

The Pendulum CoF Test, also known as The Portable Skid Resistance Test, The British Pendulum and the TRRL Pendulum, is the subject of British Standard BS7976.

The method is based on a swinging, imitation heel using a standardised rubber soling sample, which

sweeps over a set area of flooring in a controlled manner. The slipperiness of the flooring has a

direct and measurable effect on the pendulum test value (PTV) given.

SFR are also able to offer an outdoor cleaning service whether it be stone patio cleaning, restoring and preserving ageing, decayed or heavily weathered stone/brick facades.


We utilise DOFF – a steam-based stone cleaning system which uses super-heated (up to 150°C), low pressure water.  The temperature and pressure can be adjusted depending on the material and cleaning result required.

Domestic Patio Cleaning Before
Domestic Patio Cleaning After
Patio Cleaning Before
Patio Cleaning After

Black Limestone Paving

Black limestone paving has become very popular over the last 10 years. It is often used in gardens, drives and commercial areas.

Yet, that deep black look soon disappears, due to the suns UV rays, which turns it into a patchy grey look.

At Stone Floor Refurbishment we have been asked many times by our clients if we have a solution.

We have tried over the years many sealers but all seem to fail within months of applying. This then causes another issue.  We have to chemical strip these sealers to start the process again. In some cases, we have had some of the wet look sealer flake away leaving an mess.

With this problem in mind, we turned to a chemical company that we have used for many solutions in our trade, to see if they could provide a solution. 


It has taken some time to develop, but now we are able to offer a longer lasting sealer that gives the natural deep black look back, whilst protecting the limestone from rain and UV light.


This product is not available for DIY use. But, Stone Floor Refurbishment can offer a specialised application by our team.


We now offer a full refurbishment to your paving, removing old sealers and applying our new BLR sealer.

Contact SFR today to discuss your requirement and to get a free quote.

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